a dream car and san francisco sun flares

Looks pretty good to me, 1950’s Porsche.

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3 Responses to a dream car and san francisco sun flares

  1. Miles says:

    What kind of film are you using?

    • heavycamera says:

      Hey Miles. I started on Kodak Pro BW400CN (Black&white film), it’s just gorgeous. So rich and strong. It’s also C-41 so you can get it dev’d wherever just like any 35mm film without paying more for ‘proper’ bw.
      The colour film is Kodak Pro Ektar 100, love it. Both of them look better in real life. To get them digi I’m just taking a shot of them with the SLR, not ideal.
      Peace dude.

  2. miles says:

    Thanks Ben, looks beautiful. Looking at your stuff and a few other people i know who have recently jumped to film has made me have a go too. I’ve got a few different holga style things and a more dodgy canonet than you have. Nothing on the blog yet but my first tries are here:

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