How complex can simple be?

When taking a photograph you can consider or even try to perfect so many variables.

Things of paramount importance like composition are controlled by subject, angle, light tones, shape, shadow, focal length and more. The tones and colours in the photo are either dictated by the time of day, angle and strength of the sun and the film in the camera or how handy you are with colour balance and curves in photoshop.

You can mix up the focus of the shot and the aperture if you want to add some further creativity.

Your subject can’t be controlled if it’s a mountain, a candid stranger or a flying bird, but you can move yourself, get down on the floor, circle around to change the background, choose to include all of your subject or an abstract section.

There are hundreds and thousands of things that you can try and control to create your perfect photograph, but in my experience, the more I try to control things the less and less character is left in the shot.

Sometimes you can be stood some place without even thinking about photography and an opportunity just comes along smacks you in the face and all you can do is grab your camera and hit the shutter. Without thinking of anything else but taking the shot whilst it’s there you just created your perfect shot.


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