Firstly this is one of my favourite photos that I have taken.

When I bought my old Canonet I knew it was old, 30+ years, manual focus and fixed focal length. It was to be fun and my experiment into film, having started purely with a digital camera. I bought my first roll of film, 400 BW, and shot the whole roll in the same lunch break then returned it to the store for developing.                                                                 When I got the prints back I immediately fell in love.                                                             The depth of quality and richness of character to the shot hit me. In contrast to the throw-away approach of digital each shot on film deserves consideration and appreciation.         Not because of the cost associated but because each time you wind along and hit the shutter with the slick little clicks you know that there’s a chance the image could turn out as perfect as the one above.

I quickly began to leave the big ‘heavy camera’ at home and concentrated on finding shots instead of making shots. With the limits of the old Canon and fixed speed of the film it does tend to force you to be more… creative. Let’s see if this continues.

The beginning of San Francisco. A wonderful time in a wonderful place with really great people.

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